Our cottage was built in 1944…

The fruit trees are actually older than the house — before that, the family lived in a small log cabin, now long gone. Just like the gardens, wetlands, barn, and orchard, this house is a map of the life that came before us.

As we can afford it, we’re gradually restoring the house with early-mid 20th century and contemporary design. We’re incorporating post-WWII colors, preserving the original fixtures, and adding modern touches like George.

We’re learning as we go.

Some projects will take us a decade, others an impulsive weeknight. Plumbing is one heck of an invention. Check out those original oak floors in the hallway, recently freed from carpet. Now to sand and stain…

Aaron, my dad, and I currently live a cozy life together at Windy Corner. One day, we hope to make this house and property as accessible as possible, ready for aging-in-place.

It took us a lot of financial rejection to get here. Just when we were ready to give up, my mom stepped in and offered to try and buy it, to ultimately lease it to us. She put her single-income life out there so that we could build ours at Windy Corner. She made it possible for us to become farmsteaders — years earlier than we otherwise could.

Windy Corner is restoring us, too

Windy Corner has brought our families full-circle. In turn, we hope to give to others as well as provide for ourselves. We hope to offer good food, lessons learned, and honest assurance to anyone out there who’s trying to find their way home.