How to Build a Floating Shelf

At last, a place to fold our laundry (and definitely not pile clothes, or grocery bags, or papers — no).

Aaron and I have a few things in common, which generally helps as we navigate life together. But I wish we were more different in one crucial area: organization.

That picture up there? The tidy arrangement of canning jars and pet food? It took us a year to get there.

Organization systems do not come naturally to us. Nor to my dad. We’re all improving cuz we don’t have a choice! Our house is cottage-sized, roughly 1200 square feet. It’s too easy to pile; Aaron is notorious for his nooks and nests of things, tools, clothes, keys (!), and I am not far behind.

Thankfully, he also has traits and skills that I do not. I.e., engineering and power tools…which I’m learning! We love to teach each other our trades, which is often fun. Probably 60-70% fun rate.

We’re getting better at inventing solutions that push us to resolve our very visible issues, in addition to the less obvious ones!

Floating shelf vs. chaos that was our laundry/recycling center/pantry/storage room

In pictures! For subtitles, check out the video.